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Dr. Branson, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Belcher are the medical directors of the Center. All Center doctors are board certified, and are active in national physician organizations that study and develop joint reconstruction technology. They will work with you on a personal basis to help you decide if and when joint replacement is right for you.

Dr. Belcher trained at the Mayo Clinic. He brought joint replacement to our area in the early 1970’s, when joint replacement was in its infancy. Over the years, he has performed large numbers of joint replacements. With years of hands on experience, Darrell evaluates new technology to determine not what is new, but what is better.

Dr. Branson trained at Northwestern University, performing surgery with the joint implant service, and working in joint replacement research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Philip has worked with Dr. Belcher, performing hundreds of joint replacements each year since 1987.

Dr. Morgan received special training in joint replacement in a fellowship at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. He joined Dr. Belcher and Dr. Branson with glowing recommendations from Dr. Lester Borden, a nationally recognized figure in joint reconstruction surgery. Dr. Belcher and Dr. Branson feel that Fred adds valuable skills to the practice.

The doctors routinely assist each other at surgery, and often consult with each other on difficult cases. The doctors feel that their diversity in training and experience helps them to evaluate treatment alternatives and select the best possible option for each patient.

Greg Southers, PAC, is a certified physician’s assistant. Greg joined the doctors to improve the efficiency and overall level of service in the office. Greg works closely with the doctors, and can answer many questions when the doctors may not be immediately available. Greg is professional, well trained, and well liked by the patients.

Operating room team:  

“I went to Philiadelphia to see joint surgery, but when I came to Princeton, I saw it done well.” JP– Orthopaedic surgeon visiting PCH to observe minimally invasive hip surgery

Visiting surgeons are impressed the efficiency and professionalism of the operating room staff. High technology joint replacement involves complex computer equipment and specialized surgical instruments. In some cases, there may be over 100 special instruments.

The operating room team consisting of nurses and technicians are specially trained, so your operation will progress smoothly and efficiently. Routinely, the operating room staff prepares for your surgery several hours before your operation starts. In some cases, when special implants or instruments are required, preparation by the OR staff may start weeks before your surgery.

Our operating room staff attends national meetings with the doctors, and has extensive experience in joint replacement. They frequently review the xrays and operative plans with the doctors, and work with the implant manufacturer to be sure that the instruments and implants are in perfect order before surgery starts.

During the surgery, the operating room staff is so professional and well prepared, that the nurses and technicians frequently have the instrument in the doctor’s hand before he asks for it. The doctors comment that they are spoiled; and that it is a pleasure to work with a professional staff that considers their work far more than just a job.

The special training and strict attention to detail makes for smooth sailing, with even the most complex procedures. In most cases, joint replacement, even both right and left knee replacements can be done in about 1 hour.