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Choosing OCV:

Joint replacement surgery is a major operation that involves possible risk. Insurance companies would like you to believe that all joint replacements are the same. Some patients and families believe that they need special medical knowledge to choose where to have joint replacement.

In fact, joint replacements are different, and choosing where to have joint replacement may be easier than you think. Joint replacement requires facilities, technology and trained staff. As you read about joint replacement at OCV, you can see that the team approach makes good common sense. Your care will be professional and well organized. Overall you can see that you are actually well qualified to make a choice.

In 2003, OCV physicians and Princeton Hospital made a formal and ongoing commitment to joint replacement quality. W e researched every aspect of joint replacement surgery to implement best practices on a national level. We think patients can tell the difference, and deserve the best possible level of care. The joint replacement program is a major accomplishment for any hospital, let alone a community hospital in rural West Virginia. We’re proud of our staff, and welcome you to our Center.

Bringing together technology and training:

Joint replacement is a complex procedure. Instrumentation and technology to perform the surgery is complex. Post operative care is no less demanding.

With a dedicated team, your care is orchestrated to bring technology and staff together with an organized plan for a successful joint replacement. Everyone working with you has special training in joint replacement. The team works in lock step, according to a well organized plan, with attention to detail.

The team consists of specially trained professionals including doctors, nurses, operating room team, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, pharmacists, implant manufacturers and the admission and discharge planning staff. Even the housekeeping staff understands the special needs of joint replacement patients.

The joint replacement team is your assurance that the technology is up to date, and everyone that works with you knows how to use it.

Joint Replacement Pathway:

Well in advance of your surgery, the joint replacement team developed the joint replacement pathway. Like the blueprint for a well oiled machine, the joint replacement pathway is the plan for your joint replacement care. With a pathway, the complex series of events surrounding joint replacement follow an orderly path. The pathway is a result of extensive research on best practices for every aspect of your care. It includes medications, treatment, activity, and recovery goals. You will meet many of the team members responsible for the pathway listed below during your stay. The staff is experienced, stable, and dedicated to keeping every aspect of your care up to date.