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Treatment Options:

Following evaluation, the orthopaedic surgeon will discuss treatment options with you based on the diagnosis and the severity of your condition. Options may include medication, physical therapy, steroid injections, joint fluid supplementation or surgery.

Lifestyle modification:

Lifestyle and quality of life is a key factor in deciding to proceed with reconstructive surgery. For young patients, lifestyle modification may mean giving up sports or playing less aggressively. In early to moderate joint disease, avoiding certain activities may decrease pain to a tolerable level, and still preserve a reasonable quality of life. For example, limiting stair climbing, jumping and running activities may be a reasonable alternative to considering surgery for a patient with moderate arthritis of the hip or knee.

More severe arthritis may interfere with sleep and limit the activities required to maintain a healthy heart and lungs. In such cases, even for patients at an advanced age, joint reconstructive surgery may significantly improve activity and overall health status.