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Diagnosis of Joint Pain:

Diagnosis of joint problems involve:
· Detailed medical history:
   o Which joints are involved
   o When did symptoms start
   o Swelling around joints
   o Mechanical symptoms,
     · Locking
     · Catching
     · Injury
o Family history of arthritis
o What activities are limited by joint problems
o Skin rashes
o Dry eyes or dry mouth
o Stiffness in the morning or end of the day
· Examination:
o Swelling
o Tenderness
o Mobility
o Stability
o Deformity

Caption for xray: Advanced Knee OA
· Xrays
o Deformity / alignment
o Spurs
o Narrowing / loss of joint space
o Cysts
· Joint fluid analysis
o Aspiration of joint
o Inflammatory cells
o Crystals (gout)
o Infection
· Blood tests
o Rheumatoid factor
o Sed rate (inflammation)
o CRP (Inflammation)
o ANA: (indicator for arthritis)
· MRI / Bone scan
o Specialized tests ordered by your doctor