Favorite Sitemap

A.R., an eighty-five year old female in extreme pain, living on pain medication, sleeping and not eating, for the last 6 months before hip replacement surgery on April 5, 2005. A.R. was released by Dr. Branson on May 19, 2005 to pursue her dream to dance again. She is no longer in pain, and on June 22, celebrated her 86th birthday with dancing every weekend.

We thank God and Dr. Branson and company for giving back this wonderful mom and best friend her passion for dancing again.

Thanks for giving me my life back! I’m back on my Harley after joint replacement. I was barely able to walk. I forgot what it was like to live without pain.

My knees are just like new.When I get off of my horse I don't look like I
am still on him. My knees are straight again. Best of all the pain has gone
away. Here is a picture of me showing Stormy Walks.
                                              --- G.S.



Thankful for gift:
Thank you for the dedication that you showed when I arrived at the ER. You were waiting on me when you could have been home with your family or doing other things. If it wasn’t for your kindness and concern by performing surgery up into the early morning, I feel that I would have lost my leg, or been unable to walk today. Also, thanks for replacing my wife’s knees. We will always remember the gift you gave us. – SF, 2005

-- Day to day practice paperwork, rules and controversy can grind the joy out of being a physician. Your kind words lend new strength to the reason I became a doctor. Thank you

New Lease on Life
I do want to thank you for my new knees. My family and I agree that it has given me "a new lease on life." My quality of life had really gone down hill, although I kept moving, which was a real plus for me in the strength I maintained in my leg muscles.

Again, I want to thank you and the staff in the physical therapy department. Your physical therapy staff is great. I thank them also for the help and encouragement they gave me.