Favorite Sitemap

My story begins in March 2001, while snow skiing at Winter Place Ski Resort. As I was skiing down the trail my ski got over into some loose snow which pulled me off of the trail causing me to loose control and head over the mountain tumbling on the way down. My ski which was designed to release never did so. As I was tumbling down through the wooded area my left knee began to turn and twist as it was still attached to the ski. After I came to a stop I attempted to stand but my left leg would not let me do so. My knee was in pain and it felt as if it was made of rubber.

At the emergency room approximately an hour later I was examined, fitted with a brace and crutches, and instructed to contact Dr. Phillip Branson the following day if possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to Dr. Branson for the immediate and terrific care which I received before and after he reconstructed my left anterior cruciate ligament. The photographs which I received after the surgery revealed that my ACL was completely severed in two. Dr. Branson prescribed post surgical physical therapy to begin immediately and at this time I had my left leg in a Bledsoe Brace. After a short period of therapy I was able to transfer into a Don Joy Sports Brace. By August 01 this same year my knee had recovered enough strength to where I once again began marching with the Bluefield Beaver Band, never missing a single parade or ball game.
In 2004, during my sophomore year at Bluefield State College my friend and I were jumping on a trampoline and I once again fell the wrong way and my knee twisted and I heard it make a popping sound. Back to Dr. Branson I went and this time he advised me that I had stretched the ACL beyond repair. He again repaired my knee using a cadaver graph and this time making it even tighter than before. After more physical therapy my new knee now feels very strong and stable.

In November, 2005 I was crowned Miss. Southern West Virginia. I would like you to know that after having these surgeries performed I am able to walk and run in a pair of six inch high heels as good as the next person. I am also able to perform snappy jazz dancing which I used for my talent during the pageant. Along with this testimony I have attached a couple of photographs taken at the pageant to show how strong my knee is and how it still continues to do it's part in making me look and feel good.

Thank you again for your professionalism and care which you and your staff gave to me.